Friday, March 24, 2006

Books Well Worth Reading

In the next while I plan to post top-ten lists of my favourite books in three different categories: non-fiction, fiction, and auto-biographical (which may include biographical works as well). You'll find the first installment of this "series" in the next posting below.

Lists like this come perilously close to a veiled form of intellectual bragging, but they can be fun, and for those who like books, they can also be quite a telling sort of abbreviated life story. To me, the greatest books are those that are enjoyable to read and also make a life-impact. I am very thankful for each of the books that I will name, and I'll try to explain why.

Heaven knows it was word of mouth that made me read many of these, so I figure perhaps by talking them up I can pass on the favour. I recognize that lists such as these are utterly subjective -- but I don't think that renders them meaningless, and I hope they spark your curiosity. (If you feel like making comments on my rankings or leaving suggestions for related books, please do!)

Now, having introduced these lists with appropriate humility, let me tell you quite frankly: These are the greatest books I think you could ever read. No kidding. I dare you to try one.

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