Hi, my name is Jon (no 'h' because Jonathan). With my wife and four sons this summer we moved to Calgary, Alberta, where I am now the Assistant Professor in Christian Theology at Ambrose University.

Over the years this blog has been a place for gathering thoughts, practicing writing, and carrying on conversations. (I also blogged at Theology Out of Bounds with some office mates from College Bounds in Aberdeen.)  

I never consider anything here to be the final word, and it should go without saying but the opinions shared here are (or were) my own. Feel free to browse and share from the curated archive, citing appropriately if you use anything, but keep in mind that my views were 'live' and may now be somewhat dated. And check ratings before you see any movies, I'm not recommending everything.  

As seen on my CV, while blogging I've been a pastor, a student, and a teacher. In 2013 I completed a PhD thesis under the supervision of John Webster about forgiveness and the church in Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation. It was published by IVP in 2016.  

My new book, a Studyguide on Church Leadership, is now available from SCM. I have interests in writing and speaking on a wide variety of topics including church and pastoral theology, forgiveness and reconciliation, gender and sexuality, film and fiction, and the works of Barth, Bonhoeffer, and Chesterton.  

To inquire about anything, email me at coutts dot jon at gmail dot com.