Monday, May 14, 2007

Ashtray Rock

This isn't my usual sort of post here, more just a personal note and a recommendation for a fine Canadian musician. My wife and I had a great time seeing Joel Plaskett live the other night. This is one talented guy. Both times I've seen him the opening band has been really good, and you almost feel like you've already got the price of admission, and then Plaskett comes on and blows you away. You can say he is a step above the rest, and you aren't saying anything negative about the openers, he just is.

What I found uncanny about him this time around was how he's playing amazing guitar, singing with that powerful voice, moving around and connecting with his band and everyone, and then on top of that he is making up additional lyrics and saying stuff to the crowd (even in the split second between verse and chorus) that is funny and often even rhymes. He is constantly being creative, even with old material. Yet he's not wrecking the song either. It sounds as good if not better than on the album. What a joy to watch.

His last album is called Ashtray Rock and we hadn't bought it yet but of course came away with it and the Tshirt too. (It is fitting since we had to take a smoking room at the hotel and so, though we don't smoke, we felt like we might as well of, so the title sort of fit the weekend for us). Its actually a concept album about high school, and the Ashtray was a hang out for him back in the day. In case you were curious.

Most of the stuff I've been listening to lately has been pretty melancholy, so it is nice to have a fun rock album to listen to with the windows down again.

Anyway, I sure love live music when I get a chance to see some I like. I was particularly glad to hear a song from his mind-blowing first album, In Need of Medical Attention: "The News of Your Son". I am very thankful to those who turned me on to this musician. A bright Canadian talent, that's for sure.

For those who care, here is what we recall of the set list:

Soundtrack for the Night
Snowed In/Cruisin
Million Dollars
Its Cathing On
The News of Your Son
Absentminded Melody
Penny for Your Thoughts
Lonely Love
Happen Now
Love This Town
True Patriot Love
Face of the Earth
Nothing More to Say
Nowhere With You
Work Out Fine
Maybe We Should Just Go Home
Drunk Teenagers
Fashionable People

I think that's all the songs, although the middle parts are probably out of order. I wanted to remember the set list, but it all went so fast. Too fast. See ya next time Joel.


Tony Tanti said...

Ashtray Rock is really growing on me, it's a fun album for sure.

I haven't bought tickets to the show here this Friday but I may today. Don't see how we could miss it for $15.

I hate smoking rooms at hotels.

Knotter said...

Hmmm...I may have to give this guy a listen. I've been on the hunt for something new and different.