Friday, January 25, 2008

Top Three

I invented a game awhile back for when you are hanging out with people and want to know each other better and joke around all at the same time. It's called "Top Three", and I was going to patent it and make millions off it by selling it with a piece of cardboard and a few plastic playing pieces, but that will never happen, so here are the rules:

Everyone writes down a few categories on separate pieces of paper and puts them in a hat. When the hat comes around to you, name your top three in whatever category comes up. So if it is "hats" you name your top three hats, and so on. It can be serious or funny or dumb or whatever. Presto. Good times.

Anyway, I actually only mention it so I can justify adding one last group of lists to all the ones that came at the end of 2007. I'm sure I'm late enough now that we all got tired of them and then got tired of being tired of them so we wouldn't mind seeing another. Mine's really subjective. Top threes of the year.

1. Ashtray Rock - Joel Plaskett
2. Close to Paradise - Patrick Watson (2006)
3. Sinners - Matthew A. Wilkinson (2006)

Movies (2007 releases, of which I've seen few):
1. We Own the Night
2. Live Free or Die Hard
3. The Bourne Ultimatum

Old Movies Seen For the 1st Time:
1. Andrei Rublev
2. Decalogue
3. The Great Gatsby

Books Read:
1. Exclusion & Embrace - Miroslav Volf
2. Finally Feminist - John Stackhouse
3. The Power and the Glory - Graham Greene

Concerts (besides Jeff Coutts and Dave McGregor in Edmonton):
1. Joel Plaskett in Saskatoon
2. Patrick Watson in Regina
3. Pilot Speed (with Mute Math) in Regina

TV Shows:
1. Super Bowl 41
2. Arrested Development
3. Survivor: Wherever

New Discoveries:
1. CBC Radio 3
2. Arrested Development
3. St. Paul, Minnesota

Songs (Is this possible):
1. Chinatown/For the Record/Intrumental/SOundtrack for the Night - Joel Plaskett
2. That's four already and I give up. I dare anyone to try and name their top 3 songs, ANY year. Too hard.


Tony Tanti said...

We Own the Night eh? I'm gonna have to see it now.

Is Pilot Speed the same band that used to be called Pilate? If so why the name change?

jon said...

yeah they used to be pilate, and i never knew them then, but at their merchandise table i asked their guitarist about it and he said there was a record label somewhere named Pilate records so they had to change. too bad, i prefer Pilate. they are definitely worth seeing live if you ever get the chance.

as for we own the night, it was good, but don't get me wrong, i didn't see any of the oscar nominees or many 07 releases at all, so i'm not hyping it too much. it was better than the departed though, i thought.

watch for a very uniquely filmed chase scene (you feel like you are in it) which in my books was worth the price of admission.

it also covered a lot of ground with its characters i thought, and joauquin was amazing. each character changed as the picture went on, and i've always thought (because i heard it somewhere) that that was a sign of a good story/film/actor/director/writer etc.... not a static caricature pieces but a real moving character drama. but this is more than that, its a crime genre movie, no doubt about it.

the more i think about it the more i realize i thought it was really good. so, yes, i am hyping it.

matthew a. wilkinson said...

Robert Duvall was (of course) great in that film, I thought. And yeah, what a fabulous chase scene!