Monday, May 05, 2008

Experience Sigur Ros

I'd be lying if I said that Sigur Ros were quickly becoming my favourite band. It hasn't been quick at all. I also probably shouldn't say they are my favourite. There are others, and besides, it is tough to group Sigur Ros with other bands. They are more like a mood, an experience, a day-starter, a sunset, a flower, a landscape, a friend. They've released five albums already and I'm just realizing it.

If you haven't listened to them I'd be honoured to introduce them to you. I will say this about these symphonic Icelanders: They have redefined musical beauty for me.

It can take a little while to know what to make of Sigur Ros. They are a rock band. They are a small orchestra. They have no "singles", really. They wear toques and wool sweaters. They only play epics. The vocals are a bit different, and you will likely never understand a word they are saying. Yet they resonate with and speak to your soul. They are one in a million. I would really hate to see a bunch of knock-off bands, so in a way I sincerely hope they don't catch on.

Recently I had an unprecedentedly stressful weekend and in the middle of it my brother sat me down and threw on a Sigur Ros DVD. It was showing them touring and playing in their native Iceland. It was the most serene and relaxing and musically beautiful experience I can remember in a long time. I could hardly believe a story-book place like that even existed or that mere sounds could resonate so deeply.

Here is the trailer from that film. I think I might watch it every morning when I wake up:

And here is their most popular music video, which I'm sure you'll enjoy:

Here's to creative and genuine musicians: may their tribe increase!


Monson said...

You should check out some of their live/unreleased work available for download on their website:

Some of my favorite Sigur Ros tunes are featured there.

Eric said...

Sigurros is great - found out about them in Scotland. Their music communicates different moods like no other band I've heard; its very lush.