Friday, May 09, 2008

Thoughts for the Weekend

Check out this amazing story. My prof and friend Dale Dirksen was on a flight this week that had a fire on board and made an emergency landing in Fargo. It descended 30,000 feet in 8 minutes. Usually this descent takes over half an hour and even then you feel it in your ears and sinuses. Imagine that!

He's been in the news, here and here, where, among other things, he says: "We were informed that we were about to make an emergency landing. Voices around me speculated as to where that might be. Some confidently proclaimed that they could land this thing on a highway if necessary. Others said we must be close to Minot. Boy did we dive. The ground came up fast. Sometimes we banked and dove at the same time. That is a rush I don't really need. The ground came closer. Lights seemed to indicate that it wasn't a highway, but a city. Good news. We hit the ground! I mean hit. We stopped on a dime. People cheered." Amazing. Glad he made it back.

On another note, related to the discussion regarding Bryce and my valedictory addresses (which I am not cutting short, I just commented on it below a couple more times), I am cooking up an idea to try to do a blog post (or two) which attempt to refute John Maxwell's "21 irrefutable laws of leadership".

I'm not even sure I remember what they all are, and probably actually agree with lots of them, but I still think it would be sort of fun to try and see how many presuppositions can be exposed and how many "laws" can have their legs cut out from under them. I can't promise I'll be doing it, but I'm thinking about it. I thought even the idea might be amusing enough to be worth mentioning.

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Freezer said...

I would gladly contribute to a post on the 'irrefutables'.