Friday, August 29, 2008


Blogging may be sparse from this part of the world wide web for now, but when I'm back I hope to get around to the following ideas:

- A three part commentary and proposal I want to throw around before potentially submitting to the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada regarding its recent "decision" on women in ministry.
- An addition to my list of "top 32" films of all time. As this was originally a way to celebrate my own birthday, I figure by the end of September I will need 33. (This apparent self-fascination doesn't bother anyone does it? I do intend it to be at least mildly interesting).
- Perhaps a new birthday list. Top 33 novels of all time? Albums? Songs? What do you think? I'd been toying with doing albums, but I think it may be too difficult.

Hopefully I'll have more time for these things in the coming weeks. For now, the following observations regarding relocation and adaptation to my new Albertan surroundings:

- U-Haul has a monopoly on affordable moving trucks from smaller centers---and knows it. Our recent addition to the prevalence of horror stories in dealing with this company forces me to invent a new verb: Anytime you get screwed over by a business, well, you've been uhauled.
- Leaving good friends is sometimes inevitable, but is still really stupid.
- A bike ride to the library across a city is considerably more tiring than a bike ride to the library across half a village. "Winded" is a bit of an understatement.
- The fact that the coffee at said library is both free and excellent may partially make up for this, but does not add any long-distance cycling stamina.


Anonymous said...

1) I, for one, really enjoy idea of the birthday lists - it seems like as good of a way to chronicle the aging process as any. And, actually, I'm toying around with the idea of doing a "top 26" myself next week.
2) I'm looking forward to reading your commentary/proposal. I've been discussing the "decision" with quite a few people in the CMA - and it's surprised me how many different perspectives there are out there regarding what happened at Assembly.
3) You moved to Alberta?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Congratulations on the move. I'm eager for that movie list.

Top 33 songs? That would be interesting. Novels too. Just do all of them. The more lists the better.

"Leaving good friends is sometimes inevitable, but is still really stupid."


Tony Tanti said...

I vote for top 33 books, and yes, I do like reading your lists.

We'll have to chat soon, thought of you lots last week as you moved.

I'm eager to read your thoughts on the CMA's decision to dive deeper into irrelevance.

Knotter said...

Top 33 sports moments.

And I'm definitely looking forward to your commentary on the General Assembly thing.

jon said...

my personal sports moments? i think you own the video of at least 10 of them!

Tony Tanti said...

Speaking of that video, how much money would it take for me to get my hands on a copy?

Anonymous said...

welcome to edmonton. I hope the library -- however inaccessible to you--serves you well.