Saturday, August 09, 2008

As Easy As . . .

I haven't used my mountain bike very much in the last five years. In fact, when we lived in Manitoba and I was pastoring and raising two young children I don't think I rode it at all. When I pulled it out to ride to school here in Saskatchewan, the chain was rusty (from sitting outside for three solid years) and only one gear was operating.

A few weeks ago a guy in town tuned it up for me.

The other day I was riding it home from school with a huge bag of library books in my hand and a laptop bag on my back. Balance is difficult in such a scenario. On that occasion I survived.

But it turns out I have overestimated my abilities on a bike. At one point I cut under a tree and over a roots and thought I'd hop off the path into a ditch to save time.

I remember two things: As the nose of the bike dips below me, I am putting my arms out to brace my fall and "save some face". It was a success. Only minor scratches on my arm, and no damage to my head.

The second thing I remember, probably no more than a split-second later, is looking back and noticing that I am upside down looking up at my own body in the sky, which is entangled with a mountain bike that is flipping over me.

That's the part that hurt. The back of my leg is pretty sore for some reason.

Apparently, riding a bike again after all these years is not quite as easy as riding a bike.


Neil D. said...

Glad you are still with us, more or less in one piece.
Did the laptop come out any better than you?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Ha! woe.

Tony Tanti said...

Yikes, are you alright?

jon said...

yeah. amazingly almost unscathed. i was laughing about it before i even had myself picked up off the ground