Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Blogs

I am ruminating about what to say next. Still working on some of the previously hinted at ideas.

I have appreciated the interaction here on the last few posts. Although blogging is partly about just having a chance to articulate some stuff and have an entry point into the blogosphere, largely I'm here to interact, so I appreciate when people condescend to participate!

One thing I will mention today is that I have a few new links at right.

There are a couple blogs I ran across that seem to be by PhD students in theology who are way past my level. I'm trying to catch up. (They are the ones using other languages in their titles).

There are also some friend's blogs which I'll be checking on. Nathan Davies is a good photographer and I want to remember to watch what he does. So he's there. Jonathan (Deep and Shallow Thoughts) has been commenting, and so I want to see what he is up to. Patrick (Shadowland) is a seminary friend who left here and got a job (I'm so jealous!).

And I am super-excited that Matthew Wilkinson is back with a blog called "sinnersbleeders". I've trumpeted his music before and I also gravely miss his old website. I'm glad he is back, as I said on his site, to stretch my artistic awareness and interests, again.

And I check all the others daily as well. I think I have a short blogroll, compared to others, I don't know. I can't seem to extend my interest (or availability) much beyond people I know. I'm fine with that.

Anyways, thanks for meeting me here. Later, Jon.

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