Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My first published article is now available online. It is in the November 2008 issue of Ministry Magazine: An International Journal for Pastors. You can read it here. Of course it's not the cover article---it is on pages 14, 17 & 19. I wondered if there would be some feedback but I haven't seen any in the letters to the editor of subsequent issues yet. After all, my article kind of subverts the premise of the cover article, if not the whole magazine! But there is a both/and to the whole thing of course . . .

First written in 2007 for a fantastic class called "Shepherding the Flock," it was the most polemic paper I ever wrote, although it sort of softens itself by not being as inflammatory as it could have been. After all, I was tempted to call it "Willow Creek's Leadership Crevice" or "The Purpose-Drivelled Church" or something like that! But that would not be fair. I'll save such satire for the blog. Really this paper was a cathartic and formative coming-around for me, and I'm just honoured and pleased to have it in print. Much thanks to Ministry, and for the idea of having student writers in the first place.


Dustin Resch said...


Congratulations on publishing your article. My only regret is that I didn't write that myself! Seriously, it is a really good piece that deserves serious reflection. Nice job!

PS., Can your loyal blog readers expect to hear a report from you on your recent teaching experience? As a fellow-aspiring teacher, I'm always looking for wisdom from the trenches.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you get a good grade on that paper? :)

Congrats again.

And yeah, we're waiting to hear about your teaching experience!

P.S. Enjoy "The Name of the Rose"...I read the whole thing on subway rides when I was living in Montreal!

Colin Toffelmire said...

Congrats from me as well. And I heartily concur with DG on Name of the Rose...perhaps I've mentioned that I like it before ;).

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Hey. This is great!

Once again you're offering a perspective which seems biblically sound, more humane/human than I'm (unfortunately) accustomed to in Christian publications, and which makes Christianity seem appealing again.