Friday, February 20, 2009

March is About the Music

Though their last album may have been their worst, their previous album may have been their best. So who is to say what to expect from "No Line on the Horizon", coming out March 3rd?

Regardless, by my count this is U2's 11th full-length album, and in my books every release is an event of its own.

I know you can hear some of the tracks being pre-released, but I will relish sitting down and hearing this thing from start to finish for the first time as an album in its entirety. So I'll wait.

Apparently U2 is the musical guest on Letterman the entire week of March 2nd-6th, too, so that will be worth checking out.

Joel Plaskett is a Canadian treasure. Whether it is with his band The Emergency or on his own, his albums are awesome. On March 24th his new three-disc solo album comes out and on May 14th he will be in my neck of the woods. Dates definitely worth circling on the calendar.

On March 27th my wife and I will join some friends to see another good Canadian group, the Great Lake Swimmers, in concert. They have a new album coming out as well, which I'll probably hear for the first time live.

Clearly, March is about the Music. Which is nice because I feel like its been a while. So, in anticipation of these events, how 'bout another round of favourites? I'll put my answers in the comments. Answer whatever you want.

What is your favourite U2 song of all time?
How would you rank the U2 albums?
What is your favourite Joel Plaskett song and album?


jon said...

Fav U2 Song: New Year's Day

U2 Albums Ranked:

1. Achtung Baby
2. Joshua Tree
3. All That You Can't Leave Behind
4. Boy
5. Zooropa
6. The Unforgettable Fire
7. War
8. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
9. Pop
10. October

Fav Plaskett Song: Tough call. Maybe Powerful Lights or News of Your Son or Nina and Albert

Fav Plaskett Album: In Need of Medical Attention

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Fav U2 song: Running to Standstill

U2 Albums:

1. joshua tree
2. unforgettable fire
3. original soundtracks 1 (passengers)
4. million dollar hotel
5. war
6. pop
7. achtung baby
8. ...etc

Fav Plaskett song: News of Your Son
Plaskett album: truthfully, truthfully

jon said...

oh yeah, running to stand still. sheesh. live, especially.

i gotta hear passenger and million dollar hotel still.

news of your son gets me every time.

Tony Tanti said...

Favorite U2 song: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Live Aid version.


1. Joshua Tree
2. All That You Can't Leave Behind
3. Achtung Baby
4. Boy
5. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
6. The Unforgettable Fire
7. War
8. October
9. Zooropa
10. Pop

Best Joel Plasket song: Absentminded Melody

As a side note, the "Get on your Boots" single U2 released early is the worst U2 song I've ever heard, and that's saying a lot with how awful Pop was. I hope the rest of the album is dramatically different.

Dale H said...

1. Achtung Baby
2. Zooropa
3. Joshua Tree
4. Unforgettable Fire
5. All That You Can't Leave Behind

Favorite 2 songs: Ultra Violet Baby (great words, great sound); Gone (one U2 experiment that went right)

Have to agree with last comment, though-- lyrically, musically and production-wise, "Boots" is pretty bad.

Dave M said...

I thought U2 already put out that viva la vida album this year. Does Eno have his mitts on this one too?

jon said...

Ah Dave. I will say that I suspect Eno, for all the praise he gets, is actually holding these bands back. I prefer U2 with Langlois rather than Eno, but don't exactly hate them with Eno either.

dave M said...

Agreed, Lanois has produced some of my favorite albums.