Monday, February 02, 2009

Torres! Torres! Torres!

My favourite player: Fernando Torres.

Torres scored a brace in the final minutes to give Liverpool a huge two-nil victory over Chelsea on Sunday.

And here is me dressed as Torres at a recent wedding costume ball (yes, that's what I said). The big bad wolf is a guy from Nottingham I met that day. We were juggling the ball moments later.

Is this what my blog has come to now that I'm a pastor---writing and thinking all day with nothing left for you, my faithful reader?

I guess time will tell . . .

While I'm talking about blogs I might as well mention a significant new one in my ever-lengthening blogroll. My friend Dale has started his own called "terra incognito". He is a good writer and thinker and one of my all time favourite discussion partners. His is a welcome arrival in the blogosphere, and just may reinvigorate my currently sagging mind.

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Knotter said...

Embrace your blog for what it is.

Nice to see Torres back to fitness, but he'll likely end up injured again. And The Scousers lucked out when Lampard got sent off.

I was hoping to see a draw, but it's always nice to watch Chelsea lose too.