Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just spent the morning posting comments on blogs here there and everywhere. I enjoy it and have dipped my toes in many dialogues in many different places. I am intensely interested in all of them. I also enjoy keeping my blog up. I also am in a place of life with not many friends around and not much time to hang out, so the convenience of blogs is perfect for me to have some interaction with people from the comfort (or discomfort) of my own (crappy) desk chair.

But sometimes you can love something a bit too much. I would not have had time to have spent this morning blogging if I wasn't home sick from work today. And even then it was only because the stars (or more accurately the baby-naps) aligned just right to give me this time out. Even then, I've kind of overstayed my welcome at this desk chair (and did I mention it is crappy?).

Point I'm getting to is something I've been thinking about for awhile. I might cut back on my blogging a bit. I think I need to. Not in the sense that I won't be here, but I might have to be a bit more of a "lurker" than I've tried to be lately.

Now, I've read people who come to decisions like this and try to back it up with some sort of slam against blogging or some diminishment of the importance of time spent here, but I don't want to say that. I enjoy the conversations and friends (and enemies) I have here, and will still be looking on, and jumping in here and there.

But I am in the middle of a few months of life here where I can't keep up the pace, and so will be trying to cut back.

So, I'll be posting, and reading, but maybe not "mind-dumping" so much. At least that's my intent, today, feeling worn out and sick as a dog. We'll see whether I can live up to it. I find it pretty hard to avoid jumping in on a good conversation. Maybe I'll look at these next couple months as a practice in listening.

Anyway, I'm not explaining all of this because I think it is front-page news, but if you check in on my blog you are probably a conversation-partner of some kind and so I'm telling what's up.

Peace, Jon.

(P.S. Speaking of huge blog-conversations, in the comments to my last post I was asked why I believe in God! If you want to see my (haphazard) answer or post one of your own, feel free. I'll be reading.)


erin said...

feel better!!

did the commenter ask you "Do you believe?"

jon said...

ah, yes, ha ha! great inside joke! well done!

(anyone seen those awfully delivered olympic 2010 commercials?)

matthew a. wilkinson said...

yeah man, I go through this dilemma every time I post on my site.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the "mind-dumping" hiatus!
By the way, I really liked the "Why I believe in God" piece.