Monday, March 02, 2009

iTunes Top 40

Like I said a couple posts ago, March is "Music Month" at this side of sunday. So I figured this morning I'd get around to something I've wanted to do for a while.

Ever since I got my ipod two and a half years ago I've kept an eye on the play count stats telling me the songs I listen to most.

I like lists. I used to love Labour Day weekend in Vancouver because Rock 101 CFMI would play the top 500 rock songs of all time. Satisfaction was always number one. I also used to listen to top 40 countdowns a lot, whether it was on pop radio or "Christian" radio, and now I realize it was more because I liked the countdown than because I liked the songs. Nowadays I enjoy listening to CBC Radio 3's top 30 Canadian indie songs countdown podcast, even though I skip half the songs there too.

So I enjoy checking up on my personal top 40 (Considering my last post, maybe I should call this "nerd" month at this side of sunday). The trouble (and if you have itunes I'm sure you can relate to my trouble) is that because it is two years and counting since I got itunes any new albums or songs I get don't ever really have a chance to catch up to the others. So the numbers are slanted toward longevity and never actually reflect the true top 40.

Thus and therefore: I am resetting the play count.

But before I do that I figure it is pretty important to store the stats somewhere for posterity.

So, without further ado, I present to you my iTunes top 40 for 2006-2009. The top 5 albums are pictured, and some of the songs have links to places you can hear them (ignore the music videos). FYI the Jeff Coutts and Matthew Wilkinson songs are actually available for free download, so be sure to check that out.

1. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams (Love Is Hell)
2. Please Do Not Let Me Go - Ryan Adams (Love...)
3. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens (Come On Feel The Illinoise!)
4. Staralfur - Sigur Ros (Agaetis Byrjun, Hvarf Heim)
5. Alone Together - Jeff Coutts (Consider the Ravens)
6. Sinners - Matthew A. Wilkinson (Sinners)
7. The Shadowlands - Ryan Adams (Love...)

8. What Were The Chances - Damien Jurado (And Now That I'm In Your Shadow)
9. I Can't Stand - Jeff Coutts (...Ravens)
10. Start a War - The National (Boxer)
11. Giver - Patrick Watson (Close To Paradise)
12. Drifters - Patrick Watson (...Paradise)
13. The Rescue Blues - Ryan Adams (Gold)
14. Avalanche - Ryan Adams (Love...)
15. Denton, TX - Damien Jurado (...Shadow)
16. La Cienega Just Smiled - Ryan Adams (Gold)
17. Barely Moving - Jeff Coutts (Your Imagined Fire)
18. Love For Granted - Phoenix (Alphabetical)
19. Goodbye, World - Joel Plaskett (In Need of Medical Attention)
20. Come On! Feel The Illinoise! - Sufjan Stevens (...Illinoise!)
21. Fix You - Coldplay (X&Y)

22. The Great Escape - Patrick Watson (...Paradise)
23. Hoquiam - Damien Jurado (...Shadow)
24. A Ghost At the Window - Jeff Coutts (...Ravens)
25. How Few There Are of Your Eyes So Strong - Jeff Coutts (Your Imagined Fire)
26. Consolation Prizes - Phoenix (It's Never Been Like That)
27. Death and All His Friends - Coldplay (Viva la Vida)
28. Hotel Chelsea Nights - Ryan Adams (Love...)
29. Lovers In Japan (Acoustic Version) - Coldplay (Viva...)
30. Hotel Hospital - Damien Jurado (...Shadow)
31. Nina and Albert - Joel Plaskett (La De Da)
32. Dreams of Yasujiro Ozu (I'm no longer mocking the past) - Matthew A. Wilkinson (Sleepy Heads)
33. 42 - Coldplay (Viva...)
34. Shannon Rhodes - Damien Jurado (...Shadow)
35. Fake Empire - The National (Boxer)
36. Wild Flowers - Ryan Adams (Gold)
37. Lying On a Beach - Joel Plaskett (La De Da)
38. Life In Technicolor - Coldplay (Viva...)
39. Bridge over Troubled Water - Johnny Cash (American IV: The Man Comes Around)
40. Corrugated Tin Facade - Buck 65 (Secret House Against the World)

Being the list-guy that I am, if I had such powers or inclinations I'd start a meme where people posted their own itunes top 40.

But I'm not going to go around tagging people. Nonetheless, if you have itunes or some other counting device for your mp3 player, let me exhort you to post your playcount stats. Oh, wouldn't that be fun!


Anonymous said...

Ah, La Cienega just makes me melt!
I took a look at my top 40 over the past three years, but decided it's not worth posting - well over half of them are from Elliott's Basement II demos (there were months on end when that was all I could listen to).

Also I never really listened to Joel Plaskett before, but I've heard quite a bit since your "music month" post. Good stuff - maybe I'll have to check out the show in May.

jon said...

yeah man, come to the show in May! definitely! If you come, I'm fairly certain la cienega will smile. I have no idea what that means.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I love this. knowing what a friend has been listening to.

i don't think my player has this function, but I'll see what i can do.