Thursday, April 23, 2009


One other option for us is to move to Edinburgh. Above is a view of Holyrood Park overlooking the city. My former professor lived and studied here and from what he tells me it sounds like an awesome place to live and school to attend. The part of the University of Edinburgh I'd be studying in would be New College, pictured below. I'd be starting out in the MTh Ethics program and would go from there.

Trouble is, its kind of a wildcard in my decision process since I've only been accepted to an MTh degree. It is supposed to turn into a PhD like the others, but seems like less of a sure thing, since I don't even have a supervisor yet (and at the others I do).

However, if all went well I'd end up studying Barth here as well, and likely under someone very qualified. I just can't be sure yet. And maybe only being accepted for this one year degree would be a good thing if it turned out we couldn't afford to live there any longer. One crazy year: in and out. But I don't really want that.

Truthfully, this is an attractive option. Its just that my offers at the other two places are that much more set-up and attractive. But we've applied for some student family housing in Edinburgh and have actually already accepted the offer to go there (the deadline was coming and they said a "yes" that later became a "no" was better than a "no" from the get-go).

So, we'll see . . .


Bradley Penner said...

Would you be studying with Paul Nimmo? I heard he is an up-and-coming Barth guru. I'll see you on Saturday afternoon and hopefully Saturday night at Tuna's shindig.


Dave M said...

Jon, I think you would love Scotland, I can tell you that Edinburgh is the most beautiful place that I have ever been.