Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reliving England

One year ago today my wife and I went to England and France for our tenth anniversary (which is actually in December). So for the next nine days please indulge me as I post some of the best pictures (or stories) from the trip that still visits me in my dreams. Had I taken the above photo a second earlier that jet would have looked like it was on the roof of our car. Its a good thing they shuttle you to your rental car because the roads around Heathrow are a maze.

Driving on the right: Both a nightmare and a thrill. The first day, though I strongly prefer traffic circles to lights, was chaos. The second, through the thin lanes of the English countryside, was a delight. The final evening, running out of gas outside Heathrow with no "petrol station" in sight, was a disaster. At one point I was the wrong way down a one way bike lane in a tunnel under the highway. That would not have been a good place to hit empty.

First stop: Chesterton's Church, St. Terese's, Beaconsfield. I tried to imagine him shuffling down the aisle with Frances for mass. In my mind I have him sitting on the right near the back, but he would have sat all over the place to keep it real.

Chesterton's house at Top Meadow. Love the old gate.

The view from our hotel room in Witney.

At night we spotted the river that weaves tightly through the town of Witney.

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