Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mythographer

My friend Joel, with whom I've been debating Christianity and atheism here there and everywhere for a couple years, is hosting a discussion aimed at me and me alone on his blog, the Mythographer. It is about reason, and the place of reason, and aims to be a bit of a sideline from our basic arguments in which we've been butting heads over and over.

Could be heady stuff, and I'm not even sure I will represent the people of my faith all that well, but if you want to follow along, the link is going to keep showing up in my blogroll whenever the conversation moves forward. I don't really have a goal, except to be sharpened, to understand, and to see where, if anywhere, Joel and I part ways (not as friends, but in terms of worldview, of course).

Anyway, if you feel like observing, well, there you go. If not, hey, that's fine.

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