Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"It's just that we live in a time when you can't do heroic stuff. Y'know? Unless you join the army or something there's no big moment where you get to discover if you're a coward or whatever, and so I've got to look at the way I walk to the grocery store or behave with my friends, and try to discern the same information. Am I doing these things well? Am I living well generally? How do you live well in a quiet world where nothing changes and people are mostly pretty content? Should I be out looking for injustices?"

This is a poignant snippet from an ongoing story over at The Crooked Trees of Hafford, Saskatchewan which strikes a real chord for many, I think. Great questions. The story has been unfolding for awhile now, but I'm sure it isn't too late to begin following along.

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