Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meston Walk, Part Two

The family actually got out the door early this morning, and enjoyed a sunny winter's meander through campus to church. This is the second part of Meston Walk, where it leaves the library and runs down to High Street and then King's College. It was a very fine day. Thought maybe you'd like to come along.


Anonymous said...

We love your family.

(from dave and forrest)

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

These pictures = The Good Life. By all appearances.

Dave M said...

I'm curious about that miracle at bern film. What is it about?

It's very enjoyable to see these pictures on your blog.

Jon Coutts said...

forrest: we love you too!

matthew: life doesn't always feel so good, but is at base good, and yes, this was a day where that manifested itself well.

dave: Miracle of Bern won some international film fests over here a few years ago. found it in the library. its about the 54 world cup winning german team, except that sort of plays in the background the whole time to this one family's post-war story. its really a family drama.

i know a sports family drama, sounds cheesy, but this was done quite smart i thought. as the world cup is going on there are none of these choreographed hilight reels of each game set to music. you are caught up in the team through the fans and some of the team backstory instead. and the story of this one fan's family is actually pretty good.

i had picked it up to try to learn some german, but that didn't work, they talked too fast. movie was surprisingly good though. it'd be a good one to share with non-football fans too.

Eric said...

Love it!

Tony Tanti said...

Magical, are you reading Narnia or the Hobbit to the boys right now? What a world to go out and walk around in with those ideas in your imagination.

Jon Coutts said...

We're actually just starting The Silver Chair. Brady doesn't pay much attention but Elijah is enthralled.