Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cambridge, Outside

Imagine a place where the bicycles on the road outnumber the cars two to one, most of the buildings are older than your country, half of them are schools, the majority of the people in the city are a part of some kind of major learning community, instead of fences there are hedges, and countless rows of trees, misty paths and bridges lead from book shop to library to brick houseto college courtyard to impressive cathedral. This is Cambridge. I'm not so sure it is a tourist destination so much as a place you visit to see how you wish you could live.

Here's some of the stuff I saw on my brief excursions away from the library last week.
One of the many bridges over the river Cam. That's where the name comes from I guess.

"Punting" is a favourite past time here. I figured punting was too romantic a thing to do alone so I deferred until I can get my wife down to Cambridge with me one day.

See all the bikes? I have no idea which school this one is.

I got up early on my last morning there to take a walking tour before the library opened, and was glad I did. Here's a look toward the massive King's College cathedral across a misty football field.

This is the entrance to the library. I didn't post a shot of the tower, but it is a good 20 stories I'd guess. Like a fortress. The fort knox of books.

This outdoor hallway leads to the Bridge of Sighs, pictured from the outside below.
The Bridge of Sighs. Some swans decided to swim toward me for full effect.

Another school. Can't remember which.

One of many delightful paths.

This last one is a picture of Newcastle from the train. Figured I'd snap one for my friend Dave.

What a country. What a place.


Dale said...

awesome. wish i was there (to reverse the old line).

Jeff said...

Glad to see you got out of the library.
Looks amazing. I love the trees!

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Great light. Especially in the top 4 pics.

Lorena Ferguson said...

Wow what can I say besides I am incredibly envious, what an amazing opportunity!