Thursday, July 01, 2010

Controversy and the Church

I am greatly looking forward to the conference being hosted at the University of Aberdeen this weekend. The theme is "Nihil Illegitimi Carborundum: Theology, the Church and Controversy"--a theme that not only has always been forefront on my mind but is also fairly central to my dissertation topic (forgiveness in the church). Here are the papers I'll hear over the course of the next few days:

Carl Trueman, "Protestant Polemics in Seventeenth Century Reformed Orthodoxy"

John Webster, "Theology and the Peace of the Church"

David Bentley Hart, "A Penitential Approach to Controversy"

Robert Jenson, "On Creative/Destructive Provocations"

Brian Brock, "Controversy in Christian Ethics: The Case of Stanley Hauerwas"

Peter Leithart, "Fighting Fair? Athanasius and the 'Ario-maniacs'"

Susan Frank Parsons, "Prophecy’s Grace in Times of Controversy"

Vigen Guroian, "Debating the Status of Same Sex Unions"

Markus Muhling, "Divergent Oneness: The Church's Unity Without Consensus"

Oh, and here's a decent satire on these theology conferences.


Brad said...

Feel free to steal, and/or photocopy, and/or take scrupulous notes of Jenson's paper for me.

Dave M said...

I also loved Zidane, totally amazing.

Jon Coutts said...

It was incredible, Dave. I began watching it out of curiosity to watch a footballer through a match. By the end I was watching it as a narrative (complete with character and plot and profundity) in its own right. Masterfully done. An insight into football, and athletes, for sure, but into life and humanity as well.