Friday, December 17, 2010

The Flower of Scotland

I had the privilege of taking in a national rugby 'friendly' at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen a couple weekends ago.
It was another great Scottish experience.

I was really impressed by the the crowd's vigour for the Scottish Anthem, 'The Flower of Scotland'

And what an honour to get to see the traditional Samoan pre-game ritual, the 'Haka'

Scotland beat Samoa 19-16 on a last second kick.
It was cold and snowing. Apparently this was the first time some of the Samoan team had ever seen snow. I missed about 20 minutes of the game in a 'queue' for a 'Bovril' (a hot meat drink. yes. that's what I said), having overestimated both the length of half-time and the speediness of the service. A truly memorable event nonetheless.


forrest said...

Hello Jon,

I am doing a reader's booklist on "christian thinkers" at work and looking for some suggestions. I've mined your tags cloud already...

Jon Coutts said...

recent, popular, academic, ancient, catholic, all of the above?

Jon Coutts said...

if you would like a list of my personal recommendations I could do that, but I was browsing a bit for a good list and think the table of contents of this book of Christian thinkers is a pretty good place to start:

Forrest said...

Thanks a lot, I think that the table of contents will be good.