Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sobering Statistics

At The Guardian I saw this really interesting info-graphic showing the number and the ways that people died in England and Wales in 2009. I wondered about things not listed, dug some up and added them--to surprising and disconcerting results.

Once you click the arrow give it a second, then you can click back and forth through the display. To see it full screen click "More" on the bottom right. (Original info-graphic here)

How long?


Lorena Ferguson said...

Wow. Those were definitely sobering statistics - and somehow border on mass insanity -- how could we (humanity) let this happen?

This issue has really been on my heart lately and those statistics have really strengthened my resolve. Thanks for the post.

vineland said...

Would North America be worse? I think Canada might be similar, but the US has the West's largest teen preggers rate - so it might lower the percentage (although it is very populated country, so the actual numbers would be staggering).

The irony is the amount of couples out there willing to adopt compared to the abortion rate - taking the health reasons out of abortion - there are so many lost opportunities for these children. No one seems interested in how wanted these kids are.