Saturday, January 15, 2011

Words with Life in Them

Spending this week literally pouring through the pages of Scripture for 8 hours a day was really refreshing and revitalizing. It is so rich. It was hard to hold back the written reflections. The posts on Genesis and Exodus just kept coming. If you are so inclined, see parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in order and get a feel for the journey. I had intended to get through the whole Bible.

Also, I was booked to preach on Matthew 5:21-26 at my church this Sunday -- the passage where Jesus connects murder to anger and rhetoric and gives a call prioritizing reconciliation to ceremonies of worship. I had written the sermon before the tragedy in Arizona and the ensuing discussion about just such a connection, but did feel compelled to touch on current events in order to draw out the point. I don't usually like to post my sermons (because I tend to think of preaching as a homiletic event meant for a certain place and time and people rather than a static document), but will post the manuscript to this one right here on Sunday morning for all the shut ins out there.

All that to say: Here's to the Bible. I have found these words to be alive.


Jordan V said...

Hi John,

Sarah and I miss having you around. I hope all is well.

Tony Tanti said...

As a shut-in I appreciate it.

Jon Coutts said...

Hey Jordan, we miss the two of you as well. you still in Caronport?

Tanti: I hadn't even thought of the fact that you literally are a shut in right now! Hopefully you caught the Jim Robson link.