Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beautiful Goal

This is the winning goal in game one of the Stanley Cup finals between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. It may look a bit haphazard at first, but this is exactly the kind of speedy transition game that the Canucks were pulling off all night long - forced turnover, speed, quick pass, scoring chance. Watch that replay as Kesler adeptly pokes the puck off the defender's stick, spins with agility to collect the puck and stay onside, takes a moment to find Hansen streaking into the zone, and delivers a crisp lead pass to the trailing winger who then puts it forward to Torres for an earned empty netter. A winning goal for my team, with seconds left in the game. In sport, you can't get much better than that.

The goal was scored at nearly 4am local time, and I could hardly contain myself. My eldest son was up with me and we were relieved not only that this goal won the game but also that it eliminated the possibility for overtime - thus affording us the opportunity for some shut-eye (after a brief skype conversation with my brothers in the Vancouver area, of course). As a long time fan who has learned to get used to losing, I was so nervous for this game. But these poised and speedy Canucks instilled confidence and injected an excitement for hockey I haven't felt since 1994.


jonkramer said...

Any prediction on which game this series goes to?
Also, how was the Internet feed in the end?

Jon Coutts said...

I shelled out some money for ESPN player so I could watch it without anxiety.

I don't know, on the back of last night's performance I want to call it a sweep followed by a dynasty, but I'm a bit excited right now. I would love to see them win it at home, which means 5 or 7, but have a feeling it goes either 4 or 6.

Brett Gitzel 英 明 said...

I am truly happy for you and all the other Canuck fans if they end up winning. No franchise should go that long without tasting victory.

That being said, man do I dislike Mr. Burrows. Of course you get a suspension for biting a guy! Not only that, but he bit him through the glove. Not a very effective way of fighting. Kind of like when the goons are punching each other in the helmets.

Jon, in China i use It streams really well for me these days. Also, with ESPN do you get the CBC guys or the American guys? I like the CBC guys. They had a nice little chat with Micheal J. Fox during the intermission. Love that guy.

I watch the games during breakfast. It's a little more convenient than you're set up. I have to add that I was in China for the Oilers' '06 run, so I know what you're going through right now with missing out on the party.

Jon Coutts said...

I haven't seen great footage of the alleged "bite", but obviously I'm emotionally invested enough that I'm going to give him some benefit of the doubt. Let's not be putting our fingers in other people's mouths. That said, if he did bite him, this is inexcusable and I'd have to accept a suspension to fit the extremity of the crime. I don't buy Don Cherry's argument that this would be excusable because it happens all the time. That said, it didn't seem that obvious to me that it really happened all that flagrantly.

Thanks for the tip on that internet feed. With ESPN I'm getting the CBC broadcast (thus far at least), which is preferable, although I've decided I'm going to boycott Coach's Corner.

Watching these over breakfast must be nice. Not the same, mind you, but preferable to the middle of the night I should think. Of course, I'm not soon to forget these games.

Sorry about '06. That hurts to come so close, I know.