Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Other Side of Sunday

After six years and a number of re-evaluations leading to renewed efforts on this blog, I am ready to call it off, or at least go into hibernation for awhile. This is different than dry spells I've had in the past. I just don't have a motivation or purpose for the blog at the moment which warrants taking time away from other projects and demands just to tinker and publish my random thoughts. Now that it has become more of a tinkering and less purposeful, I think it is time to put it to bed, at least for the coming year.

That isn't a slight against what this blog has been in the past, or against blogging in principle. In fact I have another online project in the works, a group conversation, the launch of which will be announced here very soon.

What to do with this blog remains the question. At first I thought I might import the best bits of it into a wordpress site under a new name and leave it for another day, but now you may notice that I am simply revamping this site into more of an archive and a platform for my CV. If I ever pick up the blog again I will simply do so here.

I do want to thank all those who've thought and commented along with me these past six years on this blog. Those I've known for years and those I've only ever met online. Thank you so much for your interest, your challenges, your encouragements and your interactions. I have really learned a lot from conversing with all of you here, and am grateful that you took the time. It would take too long to recount all the paths that have crossed and arguments that have transpired - it has been richer than I ever thought it would be, mainly because of those who met me here. I look forward to meeting you again in other forms and contexts.

Speaking of which, stay tuned for one last post which will explain the new site and will also give direction to a brand new conversation blog, coming very soon.


Sean Davidson said...

Like the idea of a more conversational venue. Looking forward to your announcement.

Mama Bean said...

Why import this to wordpress? Seems unnecessarily complicated, unless you just want to get away from blogger, which is understandable. look forward to your new venture. blogging can get very bogged down, and in the short time i've been reading here, i've been impressed by the length of your entries and thought put into them - i can see why it's feeling like too much work! anyway, glad you're not leaving the internet completely, see you in your new spot :)

Jon Coutts said...

Yeah, maybe I'll leave it here. But it is going to change into a more professional looking and static "portal" to my archives and CV rather than an active blog. The active blogging will be conversational, and will take place elsewhere.

That way if I want to pick this one up again one day I can just do so and everything is all here.

jonkramer said...

By far, This Side is has been my favourite blog (and you my favourite blogger) - but I do think this is a good decision, Jon.
Really looking forward to seeing you take your talents to South Beach - or whatever the big announcement is.

Tony Tanti said...

Love the south beach comment.

I'll miss reading your blog but it sounds like you'll continue to give us the chance to read your always thoughtful writing.

Pastor Brandon said...

Looking forward to what's next!!