Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Saw this Roman Polanski movie called Carnage on Netflix the other night and it caught me by surprise. It was very very good. In the genre of films with a small cast almost entirely set in one room I can think of a few greats, and this is now one of them.

There is a great effort at something like reconciliation and justice in this film, but it collides with what one character calls belief in a 'god of carnage'. The difficulty of such efforts is palpable, and it is very interesting how it plays out, especially for those who actually claim belief in a Reconciling God (and maybe don't put in quite as much of an effort).

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s$s said...

oh wow, it's out already?!

i love Polanski, despite his large collection of mediocre films.

all it takes is one masterpiece, and he's got several.