Saturday, February 02, 2013

Thirty Sevens

When this blog was more active I used to add a favourite to my film, book and music lists each year around my birthday--kind of as a tip of the hat or a thank you for those that have been my closest artistic companions. Well, I'm still here, and even though I'm a few months late I thought I'd make my thirty-seventh additions.


This is kind of a no-brainer. In 2011 I pitched a paper for AAR about True Grit, simply because I liked it so much. As I researched and wrote about it, however, I came to like and absorb this wonderful story even more. I am seeking to have my paper published, and so recently took the time to watch the Coen brother's film and peruse Charles Portis' novel again. It really is fantastic. Nearly perfect cinema, and a snappy, nearly perfect little novel. This one's just gonna stick with me. Enough said. (Okay that's not entirely true).


Just picked up Michael Chabon's "Manhood for Amateurs" for $2 at a Book Bargain Bin while on retreat in Kelowna this winter. It is one of the most enjoyable reads I can remember in a long time.

The writing is magnificent. As autobiographical reflection it is witty and poignant; as social commentary it is resonant and illuminating. There were chapters I would close and look around for a chance to read it again aloud. It really is a delightful book.

And that cover says it all.


Bon Iver's Grammy winning self-titled album was regular mood-setting background music for the writing of massive sections of my thesis.

It is epic, textured, light, and deep.

Makes me imagine I'm under a jungle canopy or looking up at the sun from under water or crunching in the snow on my way to a nearby fire.

Or  something like that.

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Dave M said...

That is a great cover on the Portis book.