Sunday, April 28, 2013

These are the Libraries

As I wandered in to the library of the Vancouver School of Theology this week to track down one last footnote before turning in my dissertation, it occurred to me to try to remember with gratitude all the libraries that I was able to visit, use and discover along the way in this incredible journey. So here's a photo tribute to all the libraries I have ever loved (and tolerated) before (or at least these last few years).

It began in the Archibald library at Briercrest College and Seminary

Much time was spent in the various rooms of the
Rutherford library at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

The Queen Mother Library at the University of Aberdeen

The Tyndale House library in Cambridge, England.

The University of Cambridge library

The divinity library at the University of Edinburgh.

The public library in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The divinity library in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The new library at the University of Aberdeen.

The library at King's University College in Edmonton.

The library at Newman Theological College in Edmonton.

Concordia University library in Edmonton

Vanguard College library in Edmonton

The library at Regent College in Vancouver.
And, lastly, the library in the Vancouver School of Theology.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Audio from the "Genesis and the Genome" Event

A few weeks ago we hosted a pair of lectures at Richmond Alliance Church in Greater Vancouver, B.C., called "Genesis and the Genome: What Two Ancient Texts Reveal (and Don't Reveal) About Human Origins."

At this event not only did Prof. John Walton (Wheaton College) give a very clear presentation of his main proposals in The Lost World of Genesis One, but he also provided us some substantial insight into the forthcoming follow-up volume on Genesis Two (which is anticipating completion in 2014).

In turn, Prof. Dennis Venema (Trinity Western University and Biologos) also presented us an entry-level view into the world of genetic biology and shared with us the discoveries and theories of human ancestry which require further scientific and theological attention in our day.

The event went very well and I am happy to share that the audio recordings of the lectures can be found under the sermons tab at the church website, or by clicking on the poster.