Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wherein Lies Our Hope

Today is a big day for the US, and therefore for us as well. Over at A Resch Like Me Dustin has said something very good about this. Like him I am fairly optimistic about a Barack Obama victory today.

[I think Obama is a smart guy with some good ideals and a real desire for meaningful dialogue. I also think having someone other than an oil man in charge is a good thing. Of course, I am deeply concerned and heavily saddened by his pro-abortion stance, but on the other hand maybe his extremism on that front will be the thing that finally brings this issue to the center of political dialogue again. I'd love it if it was issue #1 in four years. I'm tired of everyone being afraid to talk about it. (Hear that Stephen Harper?)]

Whether there is reason for some cautious optimism today or not, what I wanted to echo from Dustin is that there is reason for hope. Why? I don't think I can put it any better than this.


Tony Tanti said...

Yup, there is hope for change. I worry that Obama has built up some very high expectations that may be difficult to meet, but I hope Americans give him a chance.

Funny enough I think McCain would likely bring some good change too, though I wouldn't vote for him. He's no Bush.

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