Friday, September 18, 2009

More Walk, More Talk

Headphones on, yet
noisy bus brushes my elbow.
but that much more alive.


Headphones off this time,
hear the foreign birds describe to me the morning,
the car cobblestoning loudly past mosque and chapel,
the people walking briskly and importantly.
As I turn from Khyber Pass
glimpse the North Sea.
And vastness.
Take a breath and go.


No TV. No internet.
So we talk, play games, and read.
Radio comes on to at least hear the game.
Penalty kick on Arsenal.
Living room across the street has a large television visible,
so the boys run to the window.
But they are watching a different game.
Looks like Liverpool.
Change the station, there it is.
Passed the Rangers in Gallic on the way.
Back to the bedtime story, and scrabble,
and a whole new life indeed.

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