Friday, September 18, 2009

The Walk

A cobblestone street,
slanted downward so slightly,
the last light rain trickling through the brickwork,
sky reflected from below
like an inverted stained glass window--
picture breaking through the cracks,
and me treading darkly glass.


Dale Harris said...

awesome poems, Jon. Feel like was there for a moment.

ps. great looking backpack!


nathan davies said...

hey jon
felt the same way about 'the road' i think i read it in like 2 days. what a wonderful book. i can't wait for the film this fall. i have high hopes.

Eric said...

It takes a coarse soul indeed not to have poetry brought out of it by Scotland; but I think there are few you evoke Scotland as well as you do.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


Love the new picture top-right.

I really enjoy the poem that starts "No TV. No internet."

"Penalty kick on Arsenal" is my favourite line. I enjoy wondering why that particular detail was selected for observation.

A couple years ago I picked up 'The Road' as an unabridged audio book to occupy myself during some long tedious labour. The person reading it put on a gruff, world-weary tone that made it completely unlistenable for me. I could only handle ten frustrating minutes. I've always hoped it was the reader not the book that threw me. Now I know.

Jon Coutts said...

Yeah Matthew it was the reader. The book has so much potential to be cliche, but isn't. But read in that fashion it would lose all its subtlety. I'm interested to see whether the movie is like that reader, or more like McCarthy himself.

I love all your comments on the poems.